The cost of hair transplants with the London Hair Loss Clinic

At the London Hair Loss Clinic we are proud of the treatments we provide so we prefer to be open with you. By being transparent about our procedures and costs we hope you will build trust in us.

What makes up the cost of the hair transplant?

  • The number of follicle units the number of follicles is calculated on how large the area to cover is. This number is one of the essential parameters to decide which technique will be the most effective for you.
  • The result – All our treatments are safe and effective. Our success is the consequence of accurate assessment and planning by Dr Cotrufo who will also prepare you for the procedure, perform your hair transplant and follow you up after the surgery. At the London Hair Loss Clinic the results are guaranteed.
  • The surgeon– From initial consultation to completed surgery and follow up, you will be in the hands of one of the worlds leading plastic surgeons and hair restoration specialists, Dr Stefano Cotrufo.
  • The equipment – We continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our facilities are always at the forefront of hair restoration procedures and techniques.
  • The peace of mind – You can book a consultation with the London Hair Loss Clinic and be confident you have invested in a cost-effective service that will give you the results you’re looking for.

With the London Hair Loss Clinic, we make sure you’re fully informed and educated about our hair restoration services. To find out more about our services please call us on 020 7666 3147.

What is the cost of hair transplants at the London Hair Loss Clinic?

Megasession Follicular Unit Transplantation

We recommend this treatment for patients with the largest area of baldness who wish to reverse the affects of alopecia in just a single session. The cost of the transplant depends on the extent of the area being treated:

  • Small areas, such as scars, requiring up to 1000 grafts (2-3000 hairs): from 3000 GBP
  • Larger areas requiring up to 2000 grafts in a single session (5-7500 hairs): from 4800 GBP
  • Megasession requiring up to 3000 grafts to cover the whole scalp in a single session (6.5-8000 hairs): from 6500 GBP

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Our prices for FUE depend on the amount of grafts required to cover the affected area of the scalp. During your initial consultation, along with details of the procedure, this information will be made available to you from the start. That means no hidden fees, just effective treatment with transparent pricing.

  • Up to 1000 grafts: From 4,5 GBP per graft
  • Over 1000 grafts: From 5 GBP per graft

Detox and Minoxidil Mesotherapy

  • 200-400 GBP

Imagine looking in the mirror once again feeling happy about what you see. Imagine walking outside on a windy day and no longer wondering what your hair is doing.

Genetic Test to prevent Hair Loss

  • 600 GBP – Generally a single sample of mucosa from the inner aspect of the cheek is sufficient to complete the test. Sometimes it needs to be repeated (without extra fees). Results are usually ready within 4 weeks.


  • 150 GBP for the prescription of medication to stop or reverse hair loss or its cause.

To rediscover the real you, please contact the London Hair Loss Clinic today on 020 7666 3147.

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