Frequently asked questions about hair loss and treatment

We have compiled the answers to questions we get asked time and time again. If you do not find the answer to your question here, or elsewhere on our website, then please do not hesitate to contact our clinic today on 020 7666 3147. We will be only too happy to advise you about hair loss and treatments available to you.

Why choose a Plastic Surgeon?

Because a successful hair transplant involves accurate assessment of the quality of tissues, the use of microscopes, fine instruments, complex suture techniques and a deep understanding of the healing process.

All these principles and skills are cornerstones of plastic surgery training. This is why your surgeon’s name needs to be on the Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery of the General Medical Council and among the members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

With the overall success of your hair restoration surgery strongly linked to the skill of the plastic surgeon, this is not a place to take short cuts.

Will it look natural?

Yes, your transplanted hair will look just like a natural hairline. You will receive a transplant of your own hairs, which means they will match perfectly in colour, shape and direction compared to the surrounding area. And once the hair starts growing it will be impossible to distinguish which hairs have been transplanted and which have not. Most patients have felt confident getting on with life, without a hat, after just one week.

The surgical technique and skill of your surgeon is vital for an excellent result. You will be in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon named on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council. Please visit our results page and see our success stories.

When can I come back to work?

Most patients can return to work within just 2 days following surgery. However, patients performing heavy jobs or those exposed to dust, rain and risk of head traumas should refrain from work for one week.

Dr Cotrufo came back to work 3 days after his hair transplant surgery.

When can I have a shower?

You can have your first shower 48 to 72 hours after your surgery. As part of post-surgery care, we will provide written instructions on how to do this.

When can I go back to my exercises?

Dr Cotrufo advises all patients to start stretching and light exercise 3-4 days after surgery; generally, all patients are back to their normal training within two weeks.

How much does a Megasession cost?

This is the procedure we recommend for patients with the largest areas of baldness and who would prefer to treat the condition in just a single session.

The price depends on the size of the area to treat, ranging from:

  • 3000 GBP for 1000 grafts (2-3000 hairs)
  • 4800 GBP for 1.5-2000 grafts (5-6500 hairs)
  • 6500 GBP for up to 3000 grafts (up to 6.5-8000 hairs in a single session!).

How much does Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgery costs?

The price depends on the number of grafts required.

  • Up to 1000 grafts the price is 4 GBP per graft
  • Over 1000 grafts the price is 3.5 GBP per graft

Sessions requiring more than 1500 grafts may be divided in two sessions, if that is appropriate. All the details of fees and your treatment schedule will be discussed and agreed at the beginning of the process so you will always know exactly what to expect.

Does the procedure hurt?

You will be administered with a local anaesthetic and other medications before the procedure to eliminate any potential discomfort. We also supply patients with medication to use after the procedure and our experience shows that these will only be needed for the first couple of days. The modern day surgical techniques we employ are designed to make your time with us both as comfortable and painless as possible.

Will I see a result immediately?

Results can be very quick, but you’ll have to be a little bit patient. The transplanted hairs will initially be very short. In the first two weeks after the transplant, at least some of the transplanted hair shafts will fall out. This is a normal reaction and is called ‘shock loss’. But do not worry because all the hair roots (or follicles) remain healthy and in place. After two to three months the hair shafts will begin to grow again, gradually thickening up over six to nine months.

For how long does transplanted hair last?

Virtually all transplanted hair lasts for a lifetime, so your new hair will be with you until the end. The transplanted hair is naturally resistant to the process that made your original hair fall out, so it is very rare for your hair to fall out again.

And at the London Hair Loss Clinic your results are guaranteed: that means we will replace any non-growing hair for free and you can have complete confidence in our treatments and service.

Some patients are good candidates to use medications such as Minoxidil or Finasteride which can make doubly sure the new hair stays firmly in place and to avoid further hair loss elsewhere. We can advise you on the best plan for your circumstances. Our patients are normally delighted with their long-term results, and enjoy a significant rise in confidence and self-esteem after surgery. We are sure you will too.

Will I need more than one procedure to restore my hair?

The number of procedures necessary to get the desired result varies from one person to the next and depends on the degree of hair loss. For higher stages of hair loss a second procedure may be a good option. Use our graft calculator system to understand how many follicles you need to restore your hairstyle. But don’t worry if you’re not sure, your initial consultation will determine the best treatment plan for you.

Does transplantation cause scarring?

A scar is a natural reaction to any surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon knows how to make a scar virtually undetectable. Instruments used, type of incision, tissue management, suture techniques and post-operative dressings, are all essential factors to achieving an outstanding outcome. Whichever hair restoration technique you decide to go for – FUE or Megasession – Dr Cotrufo’s advanced microsurgery skills will ensure your scalp is expertly handled.

Is it true that…?

There are many myths abound regarding the topic of hair loss. Hair loss is NOT caused by poor circulation, clogged hair follicles, frequent shampooing, the wearing of hats or helmets, or the presence of mites. It is also important to remember that most adults lose approximately 75–125 hairs from their scalps every day due to the natural process whereby some hairs go into a dormant state (telogen phase), and others come out of this state and begin to sprout a new hair (anagen phase). As long as the process remains balanced, the number of hairs on the scalp remains constant. To ensure your hair growth balance remains healthy, please come and discuss your needs with Dr Cotrufo.

Have we answered your question? If not, do not hesitate to book your consultation on-line or give us a call on 020 7666 3147 for a fast and discreet service.

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