What do our previous clients say about our hair loss treatments?

We strive to deliver the very best Hair Transplant Harley Street has to offer and deliver the very best quality client service. As we hope you can see from these testimonials, we aim to make your time with us as pleasant and effective as possible.

We collated just a few of the kind words our previous clients have said about our service below for you. If you would like to hear about more case studies, please do get in touch with us, we would be happy to help. You can also view our gallery of success stories, so you can see just what outstanding results are possible.

Patient Testimonials

“My experience with Dr Cotrufo was great from start to follow up. The initial consultation was professional and informative. I was given sufficient information, options and the time to decide on and choose the procedure I felt was appropriate and fitted my budget.”
“Dr Cotrufo took time to explain the procedures to me in clear and understandable terms beforehand. During the procedure he was reassuring and professional. Moreover, the results were wonderful. During my recovery he made a point of phoning me personally to make sure I was feeling fine and if I had any queries about the follow up care.Six months after I completed the recovery process the clinic called me for a follow up visit to ensure I was satisfied, was well and if I had any remaining queries about the procedure. The overall experience was superb. Likewise I found the administrative staff to be both courteous and efficient. They were extremely helpful with organising appointments and very personable in our interactions. I would highly recommend LHLC to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.”
– Richard
“Dear Dr Cotrufo, Thank you very much for giving me a new youthful appearance. Only 4 days post-op and I am already so happy with everything.”
“Dear Dr Cotrufo, my healing was very fast and I am surprised to see already such a beautiful result. You did fantastic work.”
“During the last five years I started noticing a progressive reduction of the number of hairs on my crown. Suddenly I started to be concerned about my experience and for the first time in my life I started noticing wrinkles, feeling less attractive – even in my best clothes.

I tried to reduce this process by medications and vitamins but without any success and I felt that my life was turning in a different direction. As a result I quit any fitness and started gaining weight.

My wife kind of pushed me to visit a clinic for hair transplant to understand what the procedure was about but I did not feel to have any surgery done by someone who is not a real surgeon. In fact, I would never have allowed anyone to touch my head if not specialized in aesthetic surgery of the face and scalp.

For this reason my view changed once I heard about Dr Cotrufo. First of all his profile on the internet is the highest I found in the field: he is the only specialist in plastic and cosmetics surgery with his name on the specialist register of the General Medical Council who performs hair transplant in this country. Furthermore, he has wide experience in microsurgery and he has written articles in this field that are published on the most relevant journals of surgery.

During our consultation he gave me different surgical options and showed me in a very clear way all the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. This made my choice quite easy and I decided to have go for the Megasession. In fact, my wish was to have a single procedure – if any at all – to cover completely the bald skin on top of my head. Also I did not want to put myself through multiple procedures or to shave the back of my head.

During the procedure I felt I was in the hands of a very experienced team and the surgical suit where I had my procedure also impressed me. This was a real operating theatre equipped with all types of medical devices. I felt very safe and comfortable from the beginning to the end of my procedure.

I have allowed LHLC to present my pictures in this website because I have seen that my face cannot be recognized. Already four months after my hair transplant I have recovered my weight and I am back to my usual strength and energy. I wish I had met Dr. Cotrufo earlier to avoid spending so much time worrying about my looks and being concerned about being older than I felt.

I recommend this clinic for anyone who wishes to be in the hands of a skilled surgeon and have a fantastic result in the shortest and easiest way as possible.”

“Hey Stefano, my result is looking really good, Thank you very much.”

We hope you’ll be our next happy patient. With our hair loss treatments, you too can get excellent final results and hair that grows naturally for the rest of you life. The first step is a simple call to the London Hair Loss Clinic on 020 7666 3147.

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