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Get to Know Your Doctor

Dr Munajjed is a clinical specialist in Hair Restoration. Trained in the UK, Dr Munajjed first began his scientific journey with his first degree in Biomedical Sciences at Westminster University, his passion being clinical research he then completed his medical degree at the prestigious Glasgow University and further honed his skills across hospitals in West London.

Regeneration and Restoration being his main interest, Dr Munajjed delved into PRP and its use in Scalp treatments, dedicating time into reviewing the current research and literature to ensure his treatments to all his patients are up to date. Dr Munajjed takes pride in delivering the highest level of treatment to his patients, providing them with a comforting environment and extreme attention to detail throughout the consultation process. Having worked in laboratories and hospitals across London Dr Munajjed continues to advance his skills with his colleague Dr Cotrufo. The aim is to continue research into this exciting field  of Regenerative Medicine with particular attention to using Growth Factors and Stem Cells.

Dr Osama Munajjed
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