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Long Eyelashes

Naturally long thick and gorgeous


Men consistently rank eyes as one of the top parts of the body they notice. In other words, your eyes are one of your best assets and thick, long and sensuous eyelashes will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. And a little eyelash enhancement goes a long way – sometimes you just need that extra help to give your eyes that look of sensuality and sophistication.


At the London Hair Loss Clinic we have the ideal treatment for you. LHLC Lashes is an innovative new product that stimulates your own eyelashes to grow longer thicker and darker. Instead of the hassle of gluing on fake lashes, or applying thick mascara, you can let you own eyelashes do the work. Why would you not choose a natural way to improve volume and length?

LHLC Lashes is a prescription only treatment. Please book a consultation with our hair growth expert Dr Stefano Cotrufo today. Simply use our online booking service, or call our Harley Street clinic today on 020 7666 3147.


How does the eyelash enhancement treatment work?

When applied to the tissue at the base of your eyelash, LHLC Lashes acts to stimulate the hair follicle to grow. The product mimics a group of compounds, called prostamides, which naturally occur in the body.

The application takes no time at all and can be done on the move. It’s considerably easier and quicker than applying mascara or attempting to stick on false eyelashes.


To discuss the science of hair regeneration with one of the world’s leading hair restoration experts, please call the London Hair Loss Clinic today on 020 7666 3147.


What results can I expect and how long will the treatment last?

Within only 8 weeks your eyelashes will have shown significant improvement: 25% longer, 106% thicker and 18% darker. The visible result will be fuller and more beautiful eyelashes that will make you the envy of your girlfriends. And no one needs to know your secret…

And for just £299 for a 4-month treatment programme, beautiful eyelashes are affordable.

While you should see visible results after just 4 weeks, the best results will be around the 14th week of treatment. You will need to keep the treatment up as when you stop applying the product your lashes will slowly return to their normal state over about 60 days.


To get the thick, luscious eyelashes you’ve always dreamed of, contact the London Hair Loss Clinic today on 020 7666 3147. Or you can book a consultation with our online appointment service.

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