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The Difference You’re Looking For


Once you have booked your consultation you will come to our Harley Street clinic for a complete assessment with our specialist and clinical direcor Dr Stefano Cotrufo.


The consultation includes:

  • accurate collection of your medical history.

  • microscopic examination of hair roots and scalp.

  • explanation of medical and/or surgical options.

  • suggestion from Dr Cotrufo on what is the best way to manage your specific case.

  • show you plenty of before&after pictures from his own gallery.

The initial consultation fee is £150, which is credited towards the cost of any suitable treatments.


In our clinic you will always be seen by the doctor, all pre and post treatment appointments will always be with the doctor and any follow up consultation will be included in the cost of your treatment.

Depending on the type of treatment, you will be either treated at our Harley Street clinic, where you have your consultation, in the Harley Health Village, a state-of-the-art, CQC approved Harley Street Hospital or at the Cadogan Clinic, the chelsea day-clinic.

Our locations are always CQC registered and regulated.





Furthermore you will always be treated by Dr Stefano Cotrufo, in central London so you can rest assured that you are receiving top quality care.

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