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Losing your hair can be a very difficult process to overcome. With our advanced Follicular Unit Megasession you can reverse the affects of alopecia in just one session.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a FUT hair transplant technique to redistribute a very large number of healthy hair from the back and sides of the scalp to any thinning areas affected by alopecia. FUT hair transplant is known as the ‘strip method’ because a single strip of hair-bearing skin is taken from the back of the head, where hairs are resistant to androgens.


The main advantage of FUT is the quicker and safer transplant of thousands of grafts in a single Megasession. This allows large areas of affected scalp to be treated in only few hours.


How to have an invisible scar?

Dr Cotrufo will then select the most appropriate suture technique based on very specific factors such as the degree of laxity of the skin, the size of the strip or the presence of previous scar. This allows amazing results with scars undetectable even with very short hair cut down to 3-4cm.


What is a Megasession?

A megasession is an FUT Hair Transplant where a very large areas of the scalp is covered with very dense paching of 2000 to 3000 follicular grafts within a single session. This corresponds to 5500 to 8000 hairs.

The Megasession is a life-changing experience for patients affected by advanced hair loss as it gives them the chance to permanently cover the bald area of their head. And at the London Hair Loss Clinic the results are guaranteed: we offer free replacement of any non growing hair within one year after the original treatment.


To discover more about how a follicular unit hair transplantation can help you, please call us today on 020 7666 3147.


Why choose FUT?

With an FUT it is possible to transplant up to 3000 hair follicles in a single session. The procedure is considerably faster than FUE as 1000 grafts can be transplanted in only 3 hours and with no need to shave your head.

Hence FUT is the right procedure to:

  • cover a small area of scalp or face while you do not wish to shave all your head.

  • cover a large area in a single session – which corresponds to 2 or 3 sessions of FUE.


Testimonial from Dr Stefano Cotrufo:

“After 3 years of progressive and diffuse hair loss I became almost completely bald. I noticed a regression of the frontal line of more than 3cm and thinning of my hair back to the vertex. As an expert in microsurgery and hair transplant I did not have any doubt about what procedure to choose: 

I knew that with an FUT I could cover completely my head from front to back with very high density and in only two sessions. With a very busy lifestyle – between work and family – I do not have so much time to go for 4 or 5 sessions of FUE. Also I do not wish anymore to keep my head shaved and I am used to have my hair 3-4cm long: more than enough to cover any residual fine scar resulting from the work of an experienced and fully training surgeon. In fact I would have never allowed anyone without a complete surgical training to touch my head. This is what I have done and I am simply trilled with the results. 

My first session was very successful and I have a great density of hair. The scar is not noticeable at all and in few months I will go for the second session to complete the job. My best advice is to discuss in detail all the possible options with the very same person who will perform your surgery. 

Study well the surgical and scientific profile of your surgeon: he needs to be on the specialist register for plastic surgery or dermatology of the GMC; he needs to be a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Take your time to choose what to do and believe me: the sooner you will do it, the more you will enjoy to have your hair back on your head”

– Stefano Cotrufo


Receive treatment from one of the world’s leading aesthetic surgeons and hair restoration specialists. To book a consultation please complete your self assessment on-line or request a call back.

What can a Hair Transplant achieve?





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